How to adjust telephone call pricing

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How to adjust telephone call pricing

Check which schedule is linked to the PBX

To change the pricing for phone calls, first we need to check which pricing schedule is linked to the PBX. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Open Resource Manager.
  • Navigate to Telephone Management > PBXs.
  • Double click on the PBX on the right.
  • Take note of the value in the Pricing Schedule drop-down.
  • Click Cancel.

Now that we know which Pricing Schedule we would like to alter, we can either manually change the rates, or automatically adjust by a percentage.

Manually adjust call pricing

  • Navigate to Telephone Management > Call Pricing.
  • Double click the Pricing Schedule on the right.
  • Change the values in the relevant text boxes on the Default Pricing tab.
  • To change the pricing for specific Number Groups (e.g. Mobiles, ShareCall, etc), click the Special Pricing tab.
  • Double click a special pricing item in the list and change the relevant pricing.
  • Click OK.
  • Adjust all the special pricing items as above and then click OK.

Automatically adjust pricing by percentage

  • Navigate to Telephone Management > Call Pricing.
  • Select the pricing schedule (or multi-select more than one).
  • Right click on your selection and choose Escalate Prices.
  • In the Escalate pricing window, enter the percentage by which prices must be increased (enter a negative value to reduce prices).
  • Click OK.

Note that this change will affect all PBXs linked to the pricing schedule(s).

Refresh PDServers and PDAgents

Now that the pricing has been changed, the PDServer that is tracking the PBX, will see the settings the next time it refreshes from the database. By default, this happens every 10 minutes. To force a refresh immediately follow these steps:

  • In the tree view on the left, click the PD Servers node.
  • On the right, highlight the server that is tracking the PBX. Right click and choose Refresh.

Document revision date: 2018/10/12

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