How to manually create a Department

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How to manually create a Department

Departments can be automatically created in the following ways:

  • Active Directory (AD) Synchronisation. A Scheduled Task can be configured that imports users from AD on a particular schedule. The Organisational Units (OUs) or an object attribute can be used to automatically create Departments to contain the users.
  • Flat file import. Departments can be imported from a delimited text file.

Departments might need to be manually created for the following reasons:

  • Active Directory (AD) synchronisation will not be used.
  • The user objects in the AD are not contained within OUs that represent their Departments.

Manually create a Department

  • Open Resource Manager.
  • Navigate to User Management > Departments.
  • Click Add.
  • Enter a name for the Department in the Department Name text box.
  • If there are any new user defaults that must be set for this department, edit the settings now.
  • Click OK.

Manually allocate a user to a Department

Now that the Department has been created, we can allocate users to the Department.

  • Open Resource Manager.
  • Double click the user to change its setting. You can also multi-select users to edit the settings of more than one user at a time. To do this, hold control or shift while selecting users and then click Edit.
  • If only a single user was selected, change the Department from the Department dropdown. If more than one user was selected, tick the checkbox to the left of the Department dropdown in order to enable it before changing the value.
  • Click OK.

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