How to manually create a User

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How to manually create a User

Users can be automatically created in the following ways:

  • Active Directory (AD) Synchronisation. A Scheduled Task can be configured that imports users from AD on a particular schedule.
  • Flat file import. Users can be imported from a delimited text file.
  • Install PDAgent locally on the user’s workstation (to track local print queues, for Account Billing popups or Rule Violation popups).
  • Printing to the print server. If a print job arrives from a user that doesn’t exist, the user is created into the Department set for the particular Shared Device.

Users might need to be manually created for the following reasons:

  • The user does not print via a server and they do not want to install the PDAgent locally (perhaps they use an Apple Mac). They enter their PIN into the printer driver (Konica Minolta Enhanced Server authentication). A user record must be created with this PIN in the Controller User ID field.
  • Different users use the same PC that is logged in with the same user account (e.g. Lab1). The printer driver is configured to pop up for a PIN on each print (Konica Minolta Enhanced Server authentication).
  • A user may not print but they have a telephone from which they make calls. This extension must be assigned to a user record.

To manually create a user:

  • Open Resource Manager.
  • Navigate to User Management > Users.
  • Click Add.
  • Choose the Department into which the User must be placed and click OK. The new user defaults set for this Department will be inherited.
  • In the Full name text box, enter the user’s full name.
  • In the Login name text box, enter the user’s Windows account name. This must match exactly otherwise their print jobs will not match to this user record. Leave blank if the user does not have a Windows account (e.g. a user who only uses the driver configured PIN to print as opposed to a print queue that is tracked by PDAgent).
  • In the Controller ID (PIN) text box, enter the PIN number the user will use to log in to the printers. Click the Auto button to generate a random, unique PIN number.
  • If the user has a card and the printers make use of card swipe authentication, enter the user’s card number into the Card number text box.
  • Enter the user’s email address in the Email address text box. This is used for the following purposes:
    • Allowing for Scan-to-me functionality on Konica Minolta and Lexmark Embedded Devices.
    • Sending emails from within Resource Manager.
    • Sending emails after Rule violations.
  • If PD is tracking a telephone system, and calls are assigned to users based on a PIN that they dial before the number (as opposed to assigning calls based on the extension only), click the Tel tab and enter the user’s PIN in the PBX PIN number text box.
  • If the print server has the Google Cloud Print Service installed, and the user wants to make use of Google Cloud Printing from their mobiles or Chrome OS devices, click the Auth & Importing tab and enter their Google Account email address in the Secondary Email Address text box.
  • Click OK.

Document revision date: 2021/10/08
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