How to update the Print Director licence

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How to update the Print Director licence

Ensure that you have the licence file (*.set) or Licence Code supplied by Blue Swift Technologies. Encoded into this Licence is the hostname of the Windows machine that will host the Print Director database. This hostname must be supplied to Blue Swift Technologies in order to create the Licence.

  • Open Resource Manager.
  • In the menu bar, click Help > Licensing.
  • In the Licence Information box, the licence can be applied in one of three ways. The method chosen depends on what is most convenient:
    1. Using the licence file that has been saved to the server:
      1. Click on New from file to browse where you saved the licence file (*.set) that you received.
      2. Click Submit.
    2. Using the licence code (12-digit hexadecimal code). Note this requires a success connection to our licensing server and may be blocked by firewalls:
      1. Click Enter Code.
      2. Type the 12-digit code and click OK.
      3. Click Submit.
    3. Using the encrypted text. This is supplied in the body of the published licenced email:
      1. Copy the encrypted text to the clipboard.
      2. Click the From clipboard button.
      3. Click Submit.

Document revision date: 2018/12/12

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