How to open a device meter reading report

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How to open a device meter reading report

  • Open PDReports.
  • Navigate to Reports > Device Readings > Counter Values
  • In the Report Type frame, choose from the following options:
    • Show every reading for each device. Readings are taken every hour by default. This setting will show every reading taken between the From and To dates.
    • Show the last reading for each device. Shows the most recent meter reading prior to the To date.
    • Only show the difference in counter totals between the first and last readings. Takes the most recent reading prior to the To date, and subtracts the reading just after the From date to show the difference.
  • In the Time Period frame, choose the period for which you would like data. To choose your own dates, change the Period drop-down to Custom.
  • If you would like only a subset of devices included in the report, click the Filter Devices Tick the Filter devices checkbox and then tick the devices that must be included in the report.
  • Click Open Report.

How to export a report

  • Once the report is open, click the button in the top left.
  • Change the Save as type drop down to the format you would like (e.g. Microsoft Excel 97-2000).
  • Browse to where you would like to the save the file.
  • Enter a name for the file in the File name text box.
  • Click Save.


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