How to open a printing report

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How to open a printing report

  • Open PDReports.
  • Navigate to Reports > Usage Reports > All Usage Reports.
  • Choose the way in which the data must be grouped. For example, if you would like totals per User, choose Grouped by User.
  • In the Report Type frame, choose whether you want Summary (if grouped by user it will show only totals per user) or Detailed (show every print job).
  • In the Time Period frame, choose the period for which you would like data. To choose your own dates, change the Period drop-down to Custom.
  • If you would like an extra grouping level, tick the Include 2nd level group box. In the Group by drop-down, choose the grouping option. For example, if you would like to get totals for each printer used by each user, choose Device.
  • Click Open Report.

How to export a report

  • Once the report is open, click the button in the top left.
  • Change the Save as type drop down to the format you would like (e.g. Microsoft Excel 97-2000).
  • Browse to where you would like to save the file.
  • Enter a name for the file in the File name text box.
  • Click Save.

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