Printing from an Android device

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Printing from an Android device

Before printing from an Android device, ensure that the print server has been configured correctly for mobile device printing.

Install the Mopria Print Service app

Android devices do not support IPP printing with authentication so we need to install a print service app to support it.

On the Android device, open the Play Store, search for the Mopria Print Service app and install it. Or use this link:

Once installed, open Mopria Print and accept the licence agreement (you might have to swipe to the right a few times).

Now close the app by pressing the Home button.

Select print from any app

For this example, we are using the Samsung Notes app.

When you have your document open, select the three dots in the top right.

In the menu that appears, choose Print.

Now the Android Print Spooler will prepare the document for printing. When complete, press the Select printer drop-down.

Your printer may appear in this drop-down. If it does, select it. If it does not, select All Printers so it can search for printers that are advertised on the network.

Now that you have selected the printer, Mopria will detect that the printer requires authentication. Tap the notification to enter credentials.

Enter your credentials here. Tick the Remember Me box so you do not have to repeat this step when you print again.

Now press the print button to send your job to the server.

You should see the print icon in your notification bar briefly. Once it disappears, your job will be ready for release.

Document revision date: 2020/11/12
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